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Comments (12)

Was that Gen. De'Ka?

Was that Leathal Laurie's artwork?
looked good.

Sure was. :)

You never seize to amaze me.....lol

great work dude!


Glad to see number 3 coming along!

Do you ever find the episodic format of your series a little... annoying? I mean, I played from Chapter 1 onward and loved it, but I thought you were dead until now.

I'd like to remake chapters 1 and 2 in a single game some day; "some day" being the operative phrase. Lord knows, it takes long enough even just to produce a single one of these "episodes."

XD! The ending was so damn corny. But nice job man.

Neat, needs a bit more publicity like this before the release. Seems like there is quite a bit of material made that hasn't made it into the TRPG3 Demo yet.
With regards to the "Servants of God" addition to the chapter name, will you be naming the previous chapters as well (possibly during the re-make of the chpaters into one whole thing some time in the future?).
Keep up the good work!

I have been playing the public Beta for a while, just a little upset that you have all of this stuff made already, but haven't updated the Beta. But the game series IS awesome.

This is actually all staged in Flash--this isn't screen-capped gameplay! So it's a bit of an exaggeration to say it's all "ready." It's one thing to make an animation, and quite another to make something interactive. ;)

Looks awesome! Can't wait.

last year you said that the whole third chapter would come out in a year and its about time... i was playing it in sinister desing and noticed that it stops almost in an instant- so... what do you think now when it could come out

Hard to say--I haven't had as much time to work on it as I'd like. Probably sometime next year, unfortunately.

well... i rly hope thats true, because i rly like ur style and the fighting mode... dont know many who use it and those who do... THEY RLY SUCK.
(played the first chapter and noticed a huge change if u compare it with the thid...
the second is good too but cant play it because of the third one and that trailer was great)

Awsome vid, but the end was kinda corny.... maybe say something like "dont be a hero, be a legend," but hey, thats just what i think....

when is new stuff coming I keep on checking but still nothing

Very soon... ;)