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Entertaining, but the plot makes no sense

Good music, and well-animated, but why on earth would the bad guy tell the boy to take the yellow thingy, only to demand it back at spearpoint pretty much immediately when he tries to, you know, take it? That makes no sense at all. Otherwise, though, this is pretty enjoyable.


Very funny, imaginative characters, good voice acting, solid animation. This is pretty much perfect, except for the title music (which, frankly, makes my ears want to detach themselves from my head and run screaming into the garbage disposal).


Just FYI, it's pronounced "chass-ee," not "chass-iss." Otherwise, nice job. :)

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Lousy mechanics, no depth; half a star for decent visual art, loses that half-star for the idiotic premise of this game. Obama clearly knows that the death camps were set up by the Nazis--"Polish" can be used as a geographical descriptor, indicating that the death camps were physically in Poland (as opposed to other Nazi death camps that were located in Germany or elsewhere).

Kinda hard to read

It's really nice that you've put this together for people, but the black text against dark green background makes it almost completely illegible. I'd change the background color and re-upload it.

Kwing responds:

I thought it was actually easier to read... The dark green makes the black text more mild. What isn't easy to read is when I made some of the text on the right bright blue.


I have to deduct a couple of points because you have to right-click and hit Play before you even get to the title screen. (Otherwise, it just stays white.) Otherwise, this is an enjoyable, pleasant little adventure game with lovely art and excellent sound design. Well done.

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Agh! I was *so* close to rating this a 5 and favoriting it! But it all gets way too muddy around the 30-second mark--I think there's just too much reverb going on, or else you need to do something to separate the lead from the background (panning and equalization, most likely). I'd love to see you take a second crack at this. :)

Not bad!

Everything about this remix is superb except the choice of lead instrument. Replace the trumpets with a nice reverb-y pan flute and this will easily rate a 9/10.

Fantastic track

Awesome work! Great counterpoint, it's mixed perfectly, and I love the flute trills at 0:39. I could easily see an extended version of this appearing as outdoor battle music in an HD remake of Shining Force 2.

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