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Entertaining, but the plot makes no sense

Good music, and well-animated, but why on earth would the bad guy tell the boy to take the yellow thingy, only to demand it back at spearpoint pretty much immediately when he tries to, you know, take it? That makes no sense at all. Otherwise, though, this is pretty enjoyable.


Very funny, imaginative characters, good voice acting, solid animation. This is pretty much perfect, except for the title music (which, frankly, makes my ears want to detach themselves from my head and run screaming into the garbage disposal).

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Just FYI, it's pronounced "chass-ee," not "chass-iss." Otherwise, nice job. :)


Oh my God...I teared up from laughing so hard at this. This was like a Flash animator version of Jeff Vogel's gloomy rants about the misery of being an independent game designer. Well done, Mr. T.


...Mister T. Heh.

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You never disappoint, sir. I like how Lot sounds uncannily like a certain former president as rendered in a certain Scooby-Doo parody series on a certain flash website by a certain author. (I'm pretty certain about it.)


This was pretty amusing throughout, but I really laughed at this line: "Without your support...we'd be a site full of hentai." Heh.

Also, I agree with your choices for winner. Waterflame is a phenomenal talent, and Fancy Pants World 2 is pretty much unmatched in the Flash gaming world for its sheer playability and fun. I wasn't a huge fan of Chuck's Tux, but I recognize that it was extremely well-made, and I probably wouldn't place it below any of the other nominees.

Overall, nice job. :)

Nice job!

This is consistently great almost the entire way through (special props to Jeinu for produing, IMHO, the best animations in the bunch).

However, there were a couple of things that made me scratch my head. Why the Bob Dylan reference early on? It doesn't seem to have anything to do with the song, other than (I guess) as a reference to the ocean, but it seems a little contrived. And while I thought Nathaniel Milburn's portion was funny, it really didn't fit with the rest of the animations, thematically or stylistically. Also, and this is just nit-picking, but the clouds in AtomicNoodle's part should be appearing behind the bird, right? (Unless it's just a really tremendous bird that we're really, really far away from.)

Anyway, this is great overall. And I'm especially glad that you interpreted this song so literally, because Jon Foreman is a Christian rock musician, and I don't think I could have stomached watching a "Love Song to Jesus collab." ;)

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That was absolutely hilarious! I LOL'ed. Nice work. :)


Newgrounds would be a nicer place if there were more mature, meaningful shorts like this. The beautiful art doesn't hurt either. ;)

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Best Blockhead episode I've seen! I identify with you on this one. :)

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