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Lousy mechanics, no depth; half a star for decent visual art, loses that half-star for the idiotic premise of this game. Obama clearly knows that the death camps were set up by the Nazis--"Polish" can be used as a geographical descriptor, indicating that the death camps were physically in Poland (as opposed to other Nazi death camps that were located in Germany or elsewhere).

Kinda hard to read

It's really nice that you've put this together for people, but the black text against dark green background makes it almost completely illegible. I'd change the background color and re-upload it.

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Kwing responds:

I thought it was actually easier to read... The dark green makes the black text more mild. What isn't easy to read is when I made some of the text on the right bright blue.


I have to deduct a couple of points because you have to right-click and hit Play before you even get to the title screen. (Otherwise, it just stays white.) Otherwise, this is an enjoyable, pleasant little adventure game with lovely art and excellent sound design. Well done.

Well made, but...

This is just Age of War in silhouette, played only in the modern era. Why do I need to play this game again under a different name?

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Wow, very good!

First of all, great job on this game: the art is fabulous, the engine runs smoothly, it has a great control scheme, and I love the ragdoll death animations.

Now that I've gotten that out of the way: why on earth are you apologizing for the feminist slant in this game? It's great! It gives the game emotional weight. It's a hell of a lot more interesting to play a character with an emotional backstory and a motive than to be some nameless stick man with no purpose, like in the Tactical Assassin games.

Listen, you need to ignore reviewers like ZombieBob. Feminism is about equal respect, opportunity, and treatment for women, not about man-hating. If this were just a game about man-hating, we'd be capping every guy that walks across the screen rather, not picking out the men who treat women like garbage. Trust me, dude, you're fine. No need to change things just because someone who knows nothing about feminism starts whining about your game's pro-woman stance.

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ArifRocks responds:

Thank you for your kinds words. I'm glad you understood the game's theme. And believe me, if a sequel comes out, yes I will add female targets as originally intended, but I'm not going to remove the destroying of "social parasites" or the feel of the game just because one or two people accuse me of creating some feminist fantasy. I stand by my principles.

Not bad

I beat it in 8 days, first try. :)

This game is well done, but it's just another "fling the randomly chosen animal" game. *shrug* Meh.

Well-made but derivative

This is obviously just a Lemmings clone, but it's very well-made and easy to play. I didn't take off any points for the extreme easiness of it, since this is obviously targeted at young children. My only question is, since when was it Woogi World? I thought it was Wiggi World. Did someone make a decision that it sounded too much like it was making fun of hairpieces or something?

This is really impressive!

This is, to date, the coolest 3D game I've seen in Flash. For a Flash game, the graphics look superb. The guns and enemies are well-designed, the engine runs smoothly, and I didn't experience any bugs during my time playing (except for bugs of the man-eating alien variety, of course). I also like that you included options to mute the sounds and music, though the music is a) good and b) changes periodically, both of which you get points for.

I only have a few suggestions for you to improve this game:

1) The textures for the walls could have been much nicer. I don't know if you deliberately chose something extremely low-res to improve processing performance, but they look muddied and generic. The doors, by contrast, look fairly sharp, and have a real 3D feel to them.

2) The mouselook/aiming system feels like it was designed for a Wii-mote. This isn't compiled in Flash 7, is it? If not, you can forget Wii players playing this. On the other hand, people with computers will probably find it somewhat irritating (as I did) to have the camera pivot when their mouse approaches the edges of the screen, and remain stock-still the rest of the time. I suggest opting for a traditional mouselook control: just have the perspective shift every time the mouse moves and keep the targeting reticle locked in the center of the screen. It would make aiming much, much easier.

Overall, great job. I look forward to seeing an improved sequel!

Interesting--I like it!

I assume this game was inspired by Super Mario Galaxy? Regardless, it's great. As far as I know, there is no platformer like this in Flash. The experince feels somewhat bare-bones, but it's definitely enjoyable. The graphics are simple but nice. The physics engine works, though the character feels a bit "floaty," and the collision detection sometimes acts a little strangely.

My one major beef with the design of this game is the lack of checkpoints. It's a pain to get most of the way through a level, die, and have to go go back through the whole thing all over again. The levels in Planet Platformer take a little while to complete, so that's no small inconvenience.

Overall, you've got a solid concept on your hands, one that you can easily improve upon if you decide to make a sequel. (Which you should, incidentally.)


Nice game engine, great animation, and very funny, but this game suffers from a few fatal flaws:

1) The controls. It is extremely uncomfortable to have both hands sitting in the same spot on the left side of the keyboard during the whole game. A WASD to move, JK to punch and kick scheme would have worked much better.

2) The enemies are not even a little challenging. Just mash F and you'll hardly ever take a hit. The second form of the final boss is the only enemy this didn't hold true for, though even there I was able to pound him with impunity for 10-second stretches. I liked the idea of the Camper Alert, which (theoretically) would force you to keep on the move, except that it just didn't seem to do anything.

Fix those two things, and this game will be a blast to play!

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