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Psy Arena 2 Battle Map Contest!

Posted by MalTheDestroyer - March 6th, 2009

It's time to start work on the second installment of Psy Arena, what with the many improvements to the game engine since the last one. In Psy Arena 2, the player will be able to build his or her own team from scratch, hiring units as desired. (There will be a slave market that the player can draw from.)

Over the next two months, we will be accepting battle map submissions from users. The very best maps will be included in the final game, and if yours is chosen, your name will appear in the credits to the game!

To submit maps for consideration, please design them in the TRPG3 Map Editorand post them here on the Sinister Design forums.


In other news, Telepath RPG Chapter 3 now has three full missions, plus the prologue, as well as a brand-new playable character who may choose to join you once you've finished Mission 3. Work on the game continues, and of course, you can play the latest updated version right here.

Comments (4)

Psy Arena is gonna be great! when you say we will be able to build our teams, will it be only fighters, archers etc. or will it also include spriggats. shadowlings. energy golems?

Some of those other units will definitely be available, but I haven't determined the exact line-up just yet.

Hey man. Mine was the bit in the in your arms collab with the bob dylan refrence. You didnt get why it was there so i'll explain it to ya.


My piece is about me and my ex girlfriend. First night we got together was on the beach just like that, kissing and cuddling until it was to cold. She falls into the sea as it gets to us in the animation (... we broke up now, she's gone, see?). The Dylan reference just came from early on, we used to just get tangled up in each other in bed, so it's like 'tangled up in you.... tangled up in blue'.

No one would get that reference as it was just for myself really, so there ya go, some insight :).


Ah, okay. Thanks for the explanation. :)

whens the next update

School just got really busy for me--it'll be a few days...